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Reconnective Healing Story: Carey Waters

My name is Carey Waters and my personal healing happened a little over a year ago after having my yearly mammogram. After the exam I got the call a week later saying to come back in for further testing, as they had found a nodule. My next appointment was about five days away. I thought then I could then do a healing on myself. At that time I had only read Dr Pearl's book The Reconnection but I strongly felt the frequency and thought, "I know this can work."

During the healing, I felt a lot of vibration and warmth go through my body and then it stopped at my chest and swirled around. I felt very peaceful, and any worry I had lifted. I felt as if I were floating. I didn't stay attached to the outcome and I didn't give it another thought. I actually almost forgot my appointment, and remembered an hour before I needed to be there. The healing really gave me that peace to let go. So it really does work on an emotional, mental level as well.

I went to my appointment, which ended up being my last. I remember standing at the screen looking at it with the Tech. We first looked at the first test results that showed I had a nodule. It was very clear to see and was a completely dark, clouded image. She did my new screening and as we both stood there in silence scanning and looking for the nodule, to our amazement it was gone! She said, “Where is it? That's weird I don't see it.”

“Wow,” she said, I have never seen anything like that before." As we were standing looking at the screen we did see something. It looked something like a clear bubble. The Tech measured and compared the clear bubble to the clouded nodule that we had seen on the previous digital image from my first appointment. That was it! It was exactly the same image and size. The only way you could even see that it was there, was it had a very thin line around the bubble. I think it was there to just to show me the contrast, and the healing that had miraculously took place.

I am proud to say I am now a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and love and appreciate this work. Thank you so much, Eric, for bringing it forward and sharing it with all of us.

P.S. My last yearly exam which was about two months ago came back great!

Love & Gratitude,

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